Tube Laser Cutting

Neuweg Industries’ tube laser capabilities offers numerous benefits and boundless potential for metal fabrication. Our tube laser can cut a wide variety of features in square and rectangle tubing, round tubing and pipe, as well as angles, channels, and other profiles. Our experienced and skilled team can offer a streamlined process that lowers cost and expands design possibilities. Whether you are developing a prototype or require high volume production, let our team provide you with a cost-effective solution in a timely manner.

Machines and Capabilities:

BLM Group Adige Lasertube LT8.2 Fiber:

  • Bundle loader that can handle whole bundles up to 4000 lbs in both round and square tubes
  • Step loader for individual tubes as well as angles, channels, and other profiles
  • 4 kW fiber resonator
  • Weld seam detector
  • 8’ 2” - 27’ 8” rear automatic bundle loader and front single bar step loader
  • 21 feet max unloading length
  • 3D cutting head
  • .472“ – 9.44” round tube diameter
  • .472” – 8” square tube
  • 5” minimum remnant length
  • Steel up to .5” wall thickness
  • Stainless steel up to ½” wall thickness
  • Aluminum up to ½” wall thickness
  • Can also cut copper and brass
Flat Laser Cutting

Additional Photos:

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